Jacque James Portraits - The Studio

Here at Jacque James Portraits, we are happy to provide our clients with a warm, welcoming experience inside our private, commercial studio space.  At JJP, we are a ladies-only zone because we always want our clients to feel secure, comfortable and confident before, during and after their shoot with us.  Our Studio is conveniently and centrally located in West Palm Beach, just north of the South Florida Fairgrounds.  It is a 1500 square-foot space that was intricately designed to feel like your home away from home.  From our changing room, to the bathroom and foyer, all they way down to the set itself, we wanted our clients to feel as if they were in their own bedroom getting ready for a night out or sitting in their living room, enjoying a glass of wine.  We are excited to have you come in and take a tour to see exactly what we mean about our unique and cozy place!  Fill out our brief contact form and let us know if you are interested in a shoot or just want to take a tour.  We'd love to show you around!